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Simple & Easy Cash Loans


Apple Products

We're certified Apple specialists, and we bow our heads to no one when it comes to loaning on them


Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are our passion
Rolex - Rado - Breitling - Cartier
We've got you covered


Large Diamonds

As a card-carrying member of Cobb County's diamond buying elite, we are proud to offer large loans on large diamonds

Gold & Silver

Current & Accurate Prices

We check current gold prices everyday and weigh your gold accurately so that we can offer you the best price.

Simple Math

Our prices are easy to understand, and straight forward. Based on current gold spot, we don't play games or jerk you around. You'll get top-dollar the first time, every time.

The Truth

As a multi-revenue business, we pay you more by default than any simple gold stand that depends on gold alone to keep the lights on.

Electronics Repair


New Screens For Any Device

Today's devices are so high-tech we're often surprised when we find something they can't do. For all that, they're not invulnerable. When something goes wrong, we've got your back.


One Low Price

For most problems, our rates never change. Need a new screen for you phone? Your laptop doesn't boot correctly? Did your toddler chew on your power cord? No problem, your covered.


Viruses & Blue Screens

For when things go wrong, and the computer refuses to cooperate, we're there. We've got experience bringing even the wiliest of systems to task.

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"Canton Road Pawn helped me out when no one else would. They're a life saver."

author Andrea Wood